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We love events. Whether it’s balloon garlands, streamer decor, backdrop design, or a little bit of everything, we customize our offerings to meet your needs, ensuring your event unfolds seamlessly.

Our Expertise

Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands are instant joy! Our balloon garlands are created with high-quality double-stuffed latex balloons. It’s the perfect way to take any occasion to the next level! In a temperature-controlled environment, inside garlands can last well over a month. Exterior garlands are best for 24-72 hours, weather permitting.

Streamer Decor

Not a balloon person but want to make a bold statement at your event?! We’re your people! Streamers are on trend AND eco-friendly! All streamer backdrops and swags are rented and therefore re-suable.


Backdrops & Event Design

We offer large scale event design and procurement services! If you are great with a spreadsheet, budget, and logistics for your next event but having a hard time putting a vision to the space, let us help! It’s our jam! We have a knack for sneaking in history and tradition into every project and love researching your company or institution to find the perfect details to incorporate!


Buy One, GIVE One!

Our business model is one of giving back. We as a family strongly believe that it is better to give than to receive. Our “Buy One, GIVE One” model allows companies and individuals to choose a non-profit to receive a complimentary balloon garland. There’s nothing better than a surprise for those working for the greater good of our communities! Everyone wins.


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