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About Me!

Hello, friends! My name is Lauren Childress, founder and owner of Balloons & Co. I am an alumna of the University of Tennessee Knoxville and a former pediatric registered nurse. I discovered my passion for balloons during the pandemic while trying to make my children’s driveway parties more exciting and quickly discovered there was much more to balloons than having a party pretty!


After doing a deep dive into positive visual stimulation's impact on depression and anxiety, I launched Balloons & Co with a mission to make a difference in the lives of others within our communities.

Let's spread joy together!

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My Approach

It may appear that Balloons & Co means “Balloons & Company” but it also stands for “Balloons & Community”. My goal is to make a splash in our communities and support those who need it most and those who deserve celebrations including but not limited to nursing homes, hospitals, veterans, teachers, children, recovering adults, those going through chemo, new babies, weddings, anniversaries, anyone who has experienced loss, or someone who just needs a little something extra to get through their day. We ALL need each other and desire positivity in our lives.

I love this business and engaging with anyone planning a celebration! My motto, “Celebrate Happy”, says it all. Celebrate milestones, celebrate accomplishments, celebrate happiness. I would love to design your own unique celebration and create a space within your celebration where pictures are taken, and memories are forever captured. And I would also love for you to join me in giving back. Let’s talk! We would be thrilled to partner with you to “Celebrate Happy”!


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